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What Does Money Mean

┬áIf I was to ask the question, why is money so important? Most people would say it is to guarantee a better life…Ok. Maybe they would be right. So, how does money give you a better life? Lets imagine for a second, that you have money. I mean enough money to afford anything you want. What would you do? You would most likely get the essential things first, that is a house with all the necessary furniture and equipment, a car, and start a savings account for future comfort or kids education. So far, that sounds good…Right? Now, let us go even further…After you bought yourself all the essential things for you and your family and put aside enough money for your kids future school tuition…Let say you still have a lot of money. What will you do?

Some people would invest it to make more, some people who give it to charity, and some would just throw it away on non-sense. When you have money you have power over you life, your future and it can make you free in may ways! I think of having money as an opportunity for my kids and my grand-kids success in life. Money is very important and can change lives for better or in some cases worse!

Starting your own business can be a good way to become Financially free. When you do this you can begin to write your own checks! Set your own pace and be able to provide for your family and future! That is what we all want to do right? Be successfully and have a lot of money and free time! If you look at things outside the box we are surrounded by business! Someone just like you and I wanted to make money! They became a Entrepreneur and went into business (etc Walgreens, Walmart, and McDonalds) for themselves and make a lot of of money! They found away and accomplished their dream. So the end result is really on individual basis. Either you want to be successful and make money or you just want to get by. In other words be the seller who makes money or the buyer who loses money!

I guess in the end it all boils down to as long as you can sleep at night and wake up happy in the morning! Otherwise, it is time you realize that money should never be the end product to your life, but and advancement to your future. Make money, as much as you can, without crushing anyone on your way. If you find yourself with enough money to cover all the basics for you and your family needs, please open your hand and help someone in need whether its advise or funds. I was once told you must give in order to recieve. Our purpose on this earth is to better ourselves and the humanity, if not for our own sake, let’s do it for our children. Money is a way to better your life and the life of others, not a destination or purpose for your life!

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