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The Potential Scenarios a Person who is Injured at Work Could Face

Work injuries within the normal scope of a person’s duties happen all the time. When those injuries occur, the injured employee often relies on workers compensation insurance to compensate them for medical care related to the injury as well as any lost wages that happen due to them not being able to work. However, there are some situations where workers compensation claims can be contested, and in these situations, it could result in the injured party having to retain a workers compensation lawyer.

The Problem

When a person is inured at work, especially if that injury is significant, the injured employee will often file a workers compensation claim. For small claims, the injured employee can expect swift action on the part of the insurance company that underwrites the businesses’ coverage. However, for big claims that result in significant or ongoing medical treatment as well as lengthy periods of lost wages, insurance companies may not act so swiftly.

Questioning the Injury

In these situations, an insurance company may go to great lengths to insinuate that perhaps the employee was not doing work related duties that lead to an accident. In other cases, the insurance company might suggest that the worker was being negligent in their safety, which ultimately lead to the accident taking place. All this, if proven, could get the workers compensation insurance company off the hook for paying out significant sums of money.

The Adverse Effects

The problem is, these questions aren’t often motivated by a genuine concern but more motivated by the amount of money they would have to pay out. The other problem is that while an insurance company gives the injured employee the run around, the employees bills keep piling up. The medical care continuous and if they are unable to work, all this goes on without any money coming in.

To that end, a person, feeling they are being mistreated by an insurance company may retain the services of a workers compensation attorney. These attorneys can face the insurance companies head on, and often, when an injured person is being taken advantage of by an insurance company, a quick and financially beneficial resolution can often be reached. Often times, the last thing an insurance company wants are extended legal issues. If you’re in this situation, then it may be time to speak with a lawyer about being compensated for your injuries.

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