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Reasons Why Do-It-Yourself Appliance Repair Can Be Better Than Replacing an Older Model

Although many people consider the United States to have a “throwaway” culture, Appliance Repair is still a booming business. Most consumers aren’t so quick to get rid of an old appliance that can be fixed and will still do the job. It’s one thing if they have been longing for a new washing machine with all the latest bells and whistles, but many are happy with the basic model they bought years ago.

Learning a New Skill

In addition, many handy homeowners like fixing appliances as do-it-yourself projects. With the proliferation of instruction videos online, they can watch someone explain how to diagnose a problem with a dishwasher or other appliance and then buy the correct parts to complete the task. This helps people save money in addition to learning a new skill. In the future, they may be able to help friends and relatives get an appliance back into good working condition.

Environmental Impact

Many men and women are concerned about the environmental impact of replacing old appliances instead of fixing them. Although many of the parts can be recycled, there typically is some element of waste involved. Also, not all materials are as cost-effective for recycling purposes as aluminum is.

Saving Money

In some cases, buying a new appliance can cost up to five times more than repairing the old one. Some repair workers advise customers not to bother with an expensive repair, such as one that costs more than half as much as buying a new product.

However, for the frugal homeowner, paying $100 for a new refrigerator compressor and learning how to install it makes more sense than spending $500 on a new appliance. A bigger decision would be involved if this person needed to pay a professional to do the labor-intensive job, as installation costs could run around $200 not including the component.

Pride in a Job Well Done

Afterward, this individual can feel proud of saving that much money and learning how to make a major repair to a large home appliance. This isn’t the easiest project to tackle, so having pride in the accomplishment is justifiable.

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