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How Much Do You Know About Money And The World Of Finance

This topic has been a study of mine now for 6 years. As a precious metals broker I found it imperative that I learn about money, where it comes from, where it’s been and where it could be heading.

Without boring you to death with the details, I want to start by saying that I believe even though we use money every single day I find it amazing that most of us don’t bother to study it, at all!

Don’t worry this won’t be some crash course on printing presses or special paper we use to print money. Those things are secondary to the more important issues.

One of the issues that I find fascinating is that the idea of “paper money” came from a human beings mind. Not God, Not the devil and not an animal but a human being. I know, it’s crazy…I’m breaking things down into the ridiculous. I guess it’s because I’ve never heard of anyone talking about money in this regard.

What was the purpose behind the creation of the dollar bill or any paper currency at all for that matter? As oppose to using precious metals or any other trinkets we can use to barter with or use as a means of exchange? I suppose the shear convenience it presents is one reason. We can print it and make it elastic so everyone has some. The problem is, is not everyone has some. There are nations on this planet that are poor as poor can be. Then, there are banking dynastys that want for nothing. They simply have a monopoly on the money supply. Where the bulk of it comes and goes. Pretty crazy when you think about it.

With all of this in mind I do believe that everyone does have the opportunity to make their way in the world and I don’t believe that ALL the money is cornered.

This is one of the toughest topics to discuss because it effects so many peoples lives, positive or negative. It’s crazy how emotional we get with money. It effects every single person on the planet in some way shape or form. Some would say “money makes the world go round”…I would say that’s true indeed.

A lot of folks want to know how to get more of it so they can “want for nothing” as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to have enough money so we don’t have to worry or suffer about anything when it comes to our finances? The problem always seems to be there for most and the problem doesn’t seem to be there for the few. I think it’s crazy to think about.

What’s preventing you from getting more of it? Do you have some belief that says it’s not right to have a lot of money? Did your parents teach you that it was wrong to want plenty of money? Abundance seems to be everywhere if you bother to look around and on the flipside there are countries including the U.S. where poverty is very evident.

Here in the U.S. we’re suppose to be the richest nation on the planet. I’d like to know how they’re measuring that supposed fact. Again, getting into the precious metals field, I found it to be fascinating, digging for the truth when it comes to paper currency.

My recommendation to you if you know what’s good for you is to study up on the subject. There are plenty of resources out on the market to get more of an idea about money. There are also plenty of opportunities to make more money than you have now if you’re looking for it.

Just make sure that you read up on these things and that you keep an open mind about what you’re reading because it could really help you understand why the world works the way it does and you’ll never look at money the same way again.

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