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A year ago, I was in a car accident that destroyed my vehicle and put me in the hospital. This was a multi-car pile up that was directly caused by a distracted delivery truck driver, and I was left with no vehicle, and a week-long hospital stay. After I left the hospital, I faced months of physical therapy and suffered through several weeks of terrible pain. I am still on some pain medications today, and I will never regain full mobility in my right shoulder. I was once a competitive squash player, and, unfortunately, this loss of range of motion has caused me to have to give up an activity that I love.

Recouping my losses from the driver and the company that he works for has been very difficult. They know they are at fault; they know they will pay eventually; they also know that every delay they can gain in the court system is to their benefit. They have an expensive attorney. I do not. I was at a loss to simply make ends meet. Then, a friend suggested that I look into settlement loans. I did a little bit of surfing on the internet and found, and I couldn’t believe what I had found!

Settlement loans are unique loans that are offered to plaintiffs in expectation of a future settlement. In my case, waiting the years it may have taken to finally get my day in court would have meant potential financial ruin, and I simply couldn’t afford that. I learned the steps I needed to take when I visited the website It was actually pretty easy to do, and the people I dealt with were friendly and helpful. The loan I got isn’t free; it will be paid off, ultimately, when the lawsuit is finally settled. Right now, however, I am just extremely grateful that I do not have to wait months or years for that to happen. Now, my bills are paid. I don’t worry about receiving phone calls from creditors, and I have been able to replace the car that was destroyed in the accident. I may even be able to pay for some specialized physical therapy that will get me back on the squash court.

I decided to pursue the loan because it was the best decision given my situation. Others may wish to consider a lawsuit cash advance. This is a cash advance on an impending settlement, the amount of which has already been determined. Anyone who believes this might be the correct option for him/herself should take a look at the website Even after a lawsuit is settled, it can take months or even years to actually receive any money. In some cases, the payments might be made via an annuity. In other cases, the defendant is allowed to make some sort of time payments. Governmental agencies and corporations can sometimes persuade the courts to allow them to delay payments until the end of the fiscal quarter or even the fiscal year. With a lawsuit cash advance, the settlement recipient can draw on those funds immediately, instead of waiting. For all of the details regarding this specific benefit, simply access right away. You will find lots of information and, best of all, be able to make a wise choice regarding your settlement and/or cash advance loans.

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