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How Much Do You Know About Money And The World Of Finance

This topic has been a study of mine now for 6 years. As a precious metals broker I found it imperative that I learn about money, where it comes from, where it’s been and where it could be heading.

Without boring you to death with the details, I want to start by saying that I believe even though we use money every single day I find it amazing that most of us don’t bother to study it, at all!

Don’t worry this won’t be some crash course on printing presses or special paper we use to print money. Those things are secondary to the more important issues.

One of the issues that I find fascinating is that the idea of “paper money” came from a human beings mind. Not God, Not the devil and not an animal but a human being. I know, it’s crazy…I’m breaking things down into the ridiculous. I guess it’s because I’ve never heard of anyone talking about money in this regard.

What was the purpose behind the creation of the dollar bill or any paper currency at all for that matter? As oppose to using precious metals or any other trinkets we can use to barter with or use as a means of exchange? I suppose the shear convenience it presents is one reason. We can print it and make it elastic so everyone has some. The problem is, is not everyone has some. There are nations on this planet that are poor as poor can be. Then, there are banking dynastys that want for nothing. They simply have a monopoly on the money supply. Where the bulk of it comes and goes. Pretty crazy when you think about it.

With all of this in mind I do believe that everyone does have the opportunity to make their way in the world and I don’t believe that ALL the money is cornered.

This is one of the toughest topics to discuss because it effects so many peoples lives, positive or negative. It’s crazy how emotional we get with money. It effects every single person on the planet in some way shape or form. Some would say “money makes the world go round”…I would say that’s true indeed.

A lot of folks want to know how to get more of it so they can “want for nothing” as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to have enough money so we don’t have to worry or suffer about anything when it comes to our finances? The problem always seems to be there for most and the problem doesn’t seem to be there for the few. I think it’s crazy to think about.

What’s preventing you from getting more of it? Do you have some belief that says it’s not right to have a lot of money? Did your parents teach you that it was wrong to want plenty of money? Abundance seems to be everywhere if you bother to look around and on the flipside there are countries including the U.S. where poverty is very evident.

Here in the U.S. we’re suppose to be the richest nation on the planet. I’d like to know how they’re measuring that supposed fact. Again, getting into the precious metals field, I found it to be fascinating, digging for the truth when it comes to paper currency.

My recommendation to you if you know what’s good for you is to study up on the subject. There are plenty of resources out on the market to get more of an idea about money. There are also plenty of opportunities to make more money than you have now if you’re looking for it.

Just make sure that you read up on these things and that you keep an open mind about what you’re reading because it could really help you understand why the world works the way it does and you’ll never look at money the same way again.

Debt Does Not Just Happen

 It is the vast majority of person’s desire to live the American Dream. They desire to have the capability of purchasing everything they crave whenever they desire it. But, that good dream can turn into a terrible dream if you’re not careful. This could cause financial crisis or even forclosure. Debt might sneak up on you and strike you out when you may not expect it and when you are really vulnerable.

Getting into debt is not needed so that you can have the capibility to possess the items that you have to have or want. However, it is really too simple to get caught up in the trap of thinking that you need to have those items now, and most times that means charging those things on a credit card and/or getting some loans.

Aside from an I have to have mentality, the following are a couple of other warning signs that you might be in danger of a whole life with indebtedness.

One warning is that you do not have a budget. When you don’t possess full control of your money situation, you are in danger of going in indebtedness. A cash flow plan allows you to the freedom to tell your money the place it is going to go and then opens the special door to wealth. The key to keeping away from debt, while at the same time possessing the options to buy those luxuries you crave and have to have, is having the capability to save up for them and buy with cash.

Another sign is that you’re spending beyond your financial means. When you find yourself struggling to make ends meet every week, then you are living outside your capacity. When you notice more money escaping than coming in, you are at a greater risk of influenced to fall into debt in order to get the things you have to have.

A different signal is that you don’t have an emergency fund. Now that emergency fund is money put back for a rainy day. You need to have at the very least $1000 put away somewhere for tough times. Cash for food, weekends away, and routine car maintenance are not rainy day situations. You should have cash set aside for the aformentioned things. A real rainy day could be an unexpected hospitalization, a death in the family, or a car accident. When you don’t allocate a rainy day fund and a real emergency comes about, you just might be forced to getting in debt in order to take care of hospitalization expenditures or different situations.

A fourth indicator that you may be in a state of debt is that you believe you have to get in debt in order to get stronger credit. This is possibly the worst drawback in all where indebtedness is concerned. Your siblings and or other guardians have probably told you that you have to build your credit score so you can own those items that you need in this world. However, the real deal of the matter is that, you may have nice materials while not going into debt, including nice homes and cars. The method is budgeting, putting money back and proper planning so that you can purchase with actual money! You don’t need to pull out a loan and/or utilize a plastic card, even to buy the larger items. By seeing these critical signals, you should be able to avoid those deadly traps of indebtedness and be free to live a life without debt.

Online Cash Advance Loans For Quick Money Results

Are you applying for an online cash advance loan because you have been turned down for additional credit? Has your credit score put you into the sub-prime category and the direct cash advance lender turns out to be your only option for emergency money?

The fact that these direct lenders loan money despite sub-prime credit scores will often turn sleepless nights into peaceful ones. Money problems do not just affect a bank account or a credit score. Money stresses and problems trouble households.

How many fights in your household have started over money? Not paying bills on time, racking up too many bills, not paying attention to the bottom line price or worse yet, and withholding actual debt numbers. Defying debt is never a long-term answer to achieve financial success.

Get to the bottom of your debt troubles and use the members in your household to help. If you know how to get started, great! If you don’t, then find someone who can help. This may be a friend or relative, a credit counselor or financial planner. When everybody living in the household takes on debt together, things will improve.

Don’t omit the children. If they live in the household or are off to college but still considered a dependent, then bring them aboard too. Even youngsters can be taught how to conserve or cut back.

If your credit is poor due to overspending, you know exactly where to begin. At this point, it does no good to point fingers, but more so to learn and support each other in the changes which need to be made. Have everyone create their own list of cutbacks which they personally can contribute to the overall budget. For younger kids it may only mean turning off lights, conserving water or limiting television. It’s a start!

If there is an adult with a clear spending problem, get help for the problem. Most often a person who abuses drugs, alcohol, food and yes even credit cards, there is some underlying issue which needs to be addressed. Now is the time to support your family member into conquering this issue. Don’t forego it thinking it is one more expense. There are many free programs set up to help.

If you need a boost and an online cash advance lender is your only hope, then start there. Just remember to tackle that debt first. The high interest could interfere with any other objectives you are after.

Don’t lay in bed and stare at the ceiling each night thinking about your debt. Take the problem and split it up into short term goals and long-term ones as well.

*Would you like to start putting money into a retirement fund?

*Could you begin to save for your own emergency fund account?

*Can you pay down debt at the same time?

*Can your credit score recover?

You can do it all as long as you are focused and stay task orientated. Make smaller achievements possible to encourage the longer and harder tasks. An online cash advance lender does not have to be your only hop for help forever.

What Does Money Mean

 If I was to ask the question, why is money so important? Most people would say it is to guarantee a better life…Ok. Maybe they would be right. So, how does money give you a better life? Lets imagine for a second, that you have money. I mean enough money to afford anything you want. What would you do? You would most likely get the essential things first, that is a house with all the necessary furniture and equipment, a car, and start a savings account for future comfort or kids education. So far, that sounds good…Right? Now, let us go even further…After you bought yourself all the essential things for you and your family and put aside enough money for your kids future school tuition…Let say you still have a lot of money. What will you do?

Some people would invest it to make more, some people who give it to charity, and some would just throw it away on non-sense. When you have money you have power over you life, your future and it can make you free in may ways! I think of having money as an opportunity for my kids and my grand-kids success in life. Money is very important and can change lives for better or in some cases worse!

Starting your own business can be a good way to become Financially free. When you do this you can begin to write your own checks! Set your own pace and be able to provide for your family and future! That is what we all want to do right? Be successfully and have a lot of money and free time! If you look at things outside the box we are surrounded by business! Someone just like you and I wanted to make money! They became a Entrepreneur and went into business (etc Walgreens, Walmart, and McDonalds) for themselves and make a lot of of money! They found away and accomplished their dream. So the end result is really on individual basis. Either you want to be successful and make money or you just want to get by. In other words be the seller who makes money or the buyer who loses money!

I guess in the end it all boils down to as long as you can sleep at night and wake up happy in the morning! Otherwise, it is time you realize that money should never be the end product to your life, but and advancement to your future. Make money, as much as you can, without crushing anyone on your way. If you find yourself with enough money to cover all the basics for you and your family needs, please open your hand and help someone in need whether its advise or funds. I was once told you must give in order to recieve. Our purpose on this earth is to better ourselves and the humanity, if not for our own sake, let’s do it for our children. Money is a way to better your life and the life of others, not a destination or purpose for your life!

How Do Forex Brokers Make Money

One of the most commonly-cited reasons for getting into Forex trading is the fact that there are no up-front broker fees or per-transaction fees, as there are in the stock market. This leads many people into the mistaken impression that trading on the FX market is free. It is not. Brokers have to make a living too. They do not make trades for other people out of the kindness of their hearts; they actually do make money to take home to their families, and a fairly significant amount of it, once all the (usually small) activity charges on the (substantial) number of activities that occur each day are added up.

To understand how Forex brokers make money, it is first necessary to understand how FX trading works. On a broker’s graph of a particular currency pair, there are often a series of vertical lines. One point of any given vertical line is the “ask” price. This is the price at which investors actually sell the currency in exchange for the other currency. The other point is the “bid” price. This is the price at which investors are actually buying the currency. In between the two points is the theoretical spot price. The distance between the two points – the vertical line – is called the spread. FX brokers make their money by taking this spread; that is, the difference between the price that the buyer was willing to pay and the price that the seller was willing to take. While the spread is ordinarily fairly small, these small portions add up because of the large volume of transactions that the broker conducts on the FX market.

Different brokers charge different amounts of spread for their transaction fees. This is one of the important points to note when choosing a broker. A broker who takes a large amount of spread cuts significantly into the earnings of the investor. The investor will never quite as much as spot price on a sale, and will never pay as little as spot price on a buy, with the result that in a close transaction, the investor risks losing all the profit that would have been made. Each transaction has to have a spread that is large enough to cover the broker’s fee and also provide the investor with a profit, if the investor wants to make money.

Unscrupulous brokers can also increase their earnings by manipulating trades and betting against their clients. These sorts of activities are not strictly regulated against, due to the general low levels of regulation in the FX market. However, they are unethical and result in investors losing money unnecessarily, or at least earning less than they could have. This is why it is important to do your research before opening an account with a broker, and make sure that the broker you pick is reputable and honest. Do not simply pick the broker who takes the smallest amount off the spread; it may be worth it to pay a bit more in these minor fees in order to be assured that the broker will deal fairly with you.

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